Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moo & Oink Newburgh New York

Moo & Oink Newburgh New York, originally uploaded by MaMaRazzi59.

New food market on Liberty street in Newburgh. Next to Washington's headquarters(one of a mil)
Up and coming part of the city that has an art supply store, coffee shop and a cheesecake place is coming too.
See what happens. The store is well designed and has nice vintage pieces but is a bit lacking in how much they carry. They carry local produce (had a nice apple selection) and have a deli area. Had a bit of a dean and deluca/gourmet garage feel. Have the tried and true Ronnybrook line but they have a chunk of things to can get anywhere. It's a good local down the block and the 'hood place. The owner is very nice and knowledgable. They did just open so let's see what happens. I do secretly wish they were in Beacon...


Newburgh Restoriation said...

There is a bakery opening right across the street too! The grand opening is Jan 10th!

Nance Thompson said...

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