Thursday, October 30, 2008

Marlane's in Beacon

Marlane's in Beacon, originally uploaded by MaMaRazzi59.

sorry it has taken a bit to write this one... great little eatery on Main. Used to be Augie's. People that run it are nice. the pierogies were good and so was the soup(farmer's cheese and mint, mushroom pierogies and califlower soup). they have a small tight menu. I picked these items for i'm a veggie. One issue which I'm not sure I'm being stupid but I long for the days of pierogies being nicely priced like Kiev and all those place in Little Ukraine in the city. I have not been there in sometime so I don't know what they are charging now but it was seven bucks for seven pierogies. Anyway it's seems to be set pricing in Beacon to charge that much for food so anyway it's is fresh and good.

Moo & Oink Newburgh New York

Moo & Oink Newburgh New York, originally uploaded by MaMaRazzi59.

New food market on Liberty street in Newburgh. Next to Washington's headquarters(one of a mil)
Up and coming part of the city that has an art supply store, coffee shop and a cheesecake place is coming too.
See what happens. The store is well designed and has nice vintage pieces but is a bit lacking in how much they carry. They carry local produce (had a nice apple selection) and have a deli area. Had a bit of a dean and deluca/gourmet garage feel. Have the tried and true Ronnybrook line but they have a chunk of things to can get anywhere. It's a good local down the block and the 'hood place. The owner is very nice and knowledgable. They did just open so let's see what happens. I do secretly wish they were in Beacon...